25 Gifts For Gun Lovers That Aren’t Actually Guns


You don’t need to be part of America’s pro-gun faction to enjoy several of the items on this list. Sure, they are primarily gifts for gun lovers, but most of them can seamlessly fit into just about any man cave or bachelor pad. That is because all of them are non-lethal. Unless, of course, you try to weaponize a coaster. But we don’t think you would do that!

Here Are 32 Great Gifts For Gun Lovers

12 Gauge Shotgun Shot Shell Coaster Set

gifts-for-gun-loversEven the manliest of men need to protect their furniture from condensation. What better way to do that then with these sturdy 12 Gauge coasters? They let your guests know that you care about your stuff and that you might kill them if they ruin it. Buy Here

BISONLOCK Fingerprint Trigger Lock

You know what’s even cooler then being a gun lover?  Being a responsible gun lover. For those focused on safety, there are few better tools out there than the BISONLOCK Fingerprint Trigger Lock.  It features a 360 degree fingerprint touch that allows you to quickly unlock your gun in any circumstance, including in zero visibility. Buy Here

Gun Patent Wall Art Prints

gifts-for-gun-enthusiastPerfect wall art for a gun enthusiast’s man cave, these patent prints come in a set of 4 glossy photo prints that are 8 inches by 10 inches each. Buy Here

Ben Shot Real Bulletproof Rocks Glasses

rocks glass with bulletThese ‘Bulletproof’ rocks glasses are the only rocks glasses worth owning. I admit that is quite the statement about drinking glasses, but these rocks glasses with bullets embedded in them are endlessly cool and so damn patriotic. They’re also a perfect conversation starter when you’re about to drink some whiskey with friends. Buy Here — (Go here for glass without ‘Merica)

SentrySafe Pistol Safe

gifts for gun loversWhen you have to lock up your gun, you need to really lock up your gun. Even gun nuts know that. You can’t slide it into your nightstand and hope your kids never come find it. With this SentrySafe, you can pick the option that works best for you. They come with electronic locks, key locks and even a biometric fingerprint lock option. And if you have two guns ( a his and a hers, perhaps?), they offer a safe with that capacity as well. Buy Here

GunSkins AR-15 Rifle Skin Camouflage Kit

Gifts for gun lovers

Wrap your AR-15 in the Red, White, and Blue with the GunSkins Vinyl Camouflage Kit.  If you’d prefer something else, no worries, these wraps come in 24 different patterns.  Show off your piece with pride. Buy Here

12 Gauge American Flag Wall Art

Represent your love for America with this unique 12 Gauge American Flat Wall Art.  This kickass piece of American glory is made from 91 spent 12 gauge shells assembled perfectly to come together as the American flag.  Made with pride in the USA. Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

Streamlight Tactical Weapon Mount Light

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you must use your weapon, it will likely be in a dimly lit environment. Not only will the Streamlight Tactical Weapon Mount Light allow you to see your target put will also disorient them at the same time. Buy Here

Plano All Weather Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Wheeled Case, Green

Let’s be honest with each other, where else are you going to store your double scoped rifle in a rain storm? Answer: nowhere else. The case’s heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket keeps the elements at bay and its pluck foam keeps your firearm in place. Buy Here

50 Caliber Bullet Corkscrew

Gifts for Gun Lovers

Love wine and a propionate of the 2nd amendment?  Well, do we have the gun gift for you, a 50 Caliber Bull Corkscrew perfectly assembled so that you can pop bottles and show your beliefs.  50 Caliber BMG is often used in high powered machine guns and means business. Made and fired in the USA. Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

American Brass 50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Bottle Opener

gifts-for-gun-lovers-bullet-bottle-openerStraight from our list of the 30 coolest bottle openers, this 50 caliber bullet is the only way a gun enthusiast should ever open a beer. Buy Here

Bullet Whiskey Stones

gifts-for-gun-loversIf you prefer whiskey stones over traditional ice, then these are by far the most badass whiskey stones you can buy. Just make sure you can keep yourself from accidentally swallowing them. That seems like a legit concern for all the big gulpers out there.  Buy Here

Gero Watertight Pistol Gun Case

gifts-for-gun-loversKeep up to four of your guns safe with Gero’s high impact ABS plastic gun case that is specifically designed to withstand drops. And keep them dry with the watertight rim that can even withstand being fully submerged in water. Buy Here

Bigmouth Gun Mug

 gifts-for-gun-enthusiastThis mug makes our list of gifts for gun lovers because look at it. Just LOOK AT IT. It rocks. Buy Here

Six Shooter Shot Glasses

gifts for gun lovers

What else is there to say that these shot glasses aren’t already saying on their own. They’re cool as hell and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better set of than the ones offered by BarbuzzoBuy Here

Bullet Ear Plugs

Next time you are at the gun range make a statement with these unique bullet ear plugs.  Made from 9mm casings, these ear plugs have an impressive noise reducing rate of 27. This set comes with a carrying case and keychain.  A great low cost gift idea for the gun owner in your life.  Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

Gun Themed T-Shirts


Speaking of gun apparel, these shirts are sure to offend someone. And that’s 90% of the reason we buy most of our clothes isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Buy Here

American Outdoorsman Shooting Shirt

gifts for gun lovers While we are talking about apparel, this shooting shirt from American Outdoorsman is made from 100% cotton and features three pockets plus a quilted gun patch with and optional recoil pad insert. On top of that, it is backed by a lifetime guarantee from the company against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Buy Here

40 Caliber Brass Bullet Valve Stem Caps

Gifts for Gun Lovers

This is the perfect gift for the man who loves his truck (almost) as much as he loves his right to bear arms.  These cool converted bullet casings fit perfectly over valve stem caps found on car tires.  We like that this is a more subtle and unique way to show your love of modern weaponry. Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

Randolph Engineering Aviator


Fun fact: Randolph Engineering’s collection of aviator sunglasses have been standard issue for the United States Military since 1982. Need I say more? Buy Here

105MM Howitzer Ashtray

Do you or someone you know love military memorabilia as well as a good smoke?  Then by God you had better check out this unique 105 MM Howitzer Ashtray from Luck Shot USA.  Since WWII, the Howitzer has been in use by the US armed forces, and is still in use to this day.  This is a great addition for your man-cave.  Sit back, light up a stogie and enjoy your day. Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

GunVault SpeedVault Handgun Safe

gifts for gun loversDo you even have a gun vault attached to your desk, Bro? If you answered no, it’s time to get one! This particular vault is made from 18-Gauge steel, has a digital keypad, and features a fast activation drop-down drawer, for quick access. Buy Here

50 Caliber Shot Glass (Set of 2)

gifts-for-gun-loversJust like the Six Shooter shot glasses above, these are also impossibly cool. The only difference is that they come at a fraction of the cost. I’ll shoot drink to that! Buy Here

6-Cylinder 50 Caliber Revolver Pen Holder

gifts-for-gun-loversYou will always remember to put your pens away when you have this platinum-finished, 50 Caliber revolver pen holder on your desk. Buy Here

FREEZE! Handgun Ice Tray

gifts-for-gun-loversThis is an ice mold. Made in the shape of hand guns. I don’t know what else there is to say.  Buy Here

Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff

gifts-for-gun-loversThese earmuffs have 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 7,700 reviews. Probably not hard to figure out why they are a top seller. Their built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds, providing more natural listening and enhanced communication. They also include 2 AAA batteries, automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours, and AUX input and 3.5mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners. Buy Here

Case Club Pre-Made Waterproof 3 Gun Competition Case with Silica Gel & Accessory Box

gifts for gun loversThree guns, one case. Sounds like the plot of a very nasty viral video. Anyway… this airline approved, waterproof case comes with precut foam to hold AR-15 or AR-10 Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol. It also has the capacity to hold extra mags, gun attachments and other accessories. Two moisture removing silica gel canisters & waterproof accessory box & knife are also included. Buy Here

30MM  A-10 Shot Glass

For those of us who enjoy a stiff drink, how about we do it in style with this 30MM A-10 Shot Glass.  Each one of these “shot” glasses is professionally inspected, cleaned, and anodized so you can use without worrying about any leftover residue or gunpowder.  Each of these come with a certificate of authenticity so you know you are getting the real deal, and not some crap imitation.  Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

Target Alarm Clock With Infrared Laser Gun


I can’t lie to you beautiful people, I have no idea why anyone would want this as their alarm clock. When my alarm clock goes off in the morning I want to blast it to smithereens with a real firearm, not a fake one. On top of that, I also don’t have the energy to grab the gun and shoot the target. I am a very tired individual. That said, this alarm clock makes a great conversational gift and it’s sure to get a lot of use when you’re not getting ripped out of a deep sleep. Buy Here

Tactical Mission Team Bullet Pen

gifts-for-gun-lovers This ballpoint pen is made from solid brass and is not only in the shape of a bullet, but it also boasts a rifle clip at the top. It is an ideal gift for gun lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Buy Here

BearArms Bullet Bracelets


First things first, these come in just about every color imaginable, so you’re not limited to what you see above. The bracelets are made with military grade paracord, polished brass 40 caliber bullet casings, and a whole lot of love (we think). Buy Here

Real Brass Bullet Motorcycle Bell

Motorcycle bells have been around for many years and are supposed to have the ability to ward off evil spirits or gremlins that roam the roads just waiting to cause you to crash or have a mechanical issue.  We all have our own superstitions, and if this happens to be yours you might as well show those road gremlins you mean business with this Real Brass Bullet Motorcycle Bell.  Those gremlin MF’ers won’t know what to do when you hit ’em with this thing.  Here’s wishing you safe riding!  Buy Here – Get 15% Off Using Code “DW15”

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

gift-for-gun-loversWhat does a gun enthusiast need the most? A gun he can shoot in his own house, that’s what. This Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire satisfies all those “I want to shoot my gun in the house” urges. Buy Here

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