Your Shave Is Heating Up With This GilletteLabs Heated Razor

Have you ever had the chance to enjoy a hot towel shave? If so, you know how nice the feeling of the warm, soothing towel is on your face. If not, we promise you should try it. All guys know the uncomfortable itchiness that comes along with shaving in the morning. The grating razor, dry skin, and itchy red bumps are all signs that you’re shaving with a bad razor. Even if you opt to go for a pricier electric razor, you’ll still experience the same things. Now, shaving is ready to come into the 21st century. Who’s leading the way? None other than Gillette; one of the world’s original innovators in shaving.

To give you some background, GilletteLabs is in Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, it is the same Gillette as the one you’re thinking of. They have a football field and everything. Well, sort of. Anyhow, GilletteLabs is a subset of its parent company and looks to innovate shaving for men around the world. In fact, they want to change the way people look at shaving, not just how you do it. So yeah, we should probably stop complaining about shaving.

The newest innovation from GilletteLabs is this heated razor. No, there isn’t a towel built in or a little hamster running around. This razor is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that delivers a satisfyingly warm feel with each stroke of the razor. A warming bar in the shaving cartridge distributes heat quickly and evenly from the body of the razor to your face. This results in soothing warmth to every inch of your skin from the start of your shave till you rinse your whiskers down the drain.

Honestly, how didn’t someone think of this sooner? Sure, they have blades with cool gel that chemically cools your skin as you shave, but how simple and awesome is this idea from GilletteLabs? Shaving has never been hotter. Literally.

Gillette and Indiegogo?

Gillette’s Heated Razor is coming from somewhere you might not expect: Indiegogo. Why is one of the world’s top companies using Indiegogo to release a new product? Well, that’s because they want to hear directly from you, the consumer. GilletteLabs is working directly with Indiegogo backers on this warming razor project to collect data and optimize product development as they prepare to launch it to main markets.

If you’re worried that spending up for a heated razor isn’t worth the comfort, then you’ll be interested to hear this. Not only is the warmth of this razor satisfying on your face, it is better for your facial health. The warming bar helps increase the razor’s glide and reduces the tugging and pulling on your hairs. This ultimately increase the health of your hair follicles, pores, and gives you the option of growing a mighty beard if you ever want to put down this razor.

So, unless you love the scratchy, itchy coldness of a plain razor, you’ll want to get your hands on his Heated Razor from GilletteLabs as soon as possible. Buy Here


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