GINA Smart Coffee Instrument Offers The Most Unique Brewing Experience On The Market

This sleek-looking contraption is the GINA smart coffee instrument and it is about to take the coffee-brewing world by storm. In fact, in just a few hours alone is already close to its $50,000 goal on KickStarter.

Made by the same company that gave you this Goat Horn coffee mug (also sleek-looking and impossibly cool, the GINA sets out to bring all your favorite coffee-brewing instruments into one. Just look at this gif and see what I mean.


See…the GINA smart coffee instrument is a one stop shop, and it has smart technology to make it even cooler. How can you beat that?

Answer: You can’t.

Here’s how the GINA works…

How to make pour-over coffer with GINA

How to make immersion coffee with GINA

How to make cold-drip coffee with GINA

Check out GINA’s KickStarter to join this coffee-brewing revolution.

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