Give’r 4 Season Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Warm And Dry This Winter

It’s that time of year. Snow shoveling, window scraping, and maybe even winter sports are on the agenda for most of us. However, there’s nothing worse than going outside and getting your hands wet and cold.

Fortunately, these four-season gloves from Give’r are perfect for keeping your mitts warm and dry. With a strong leather build and a waterproof wax coating, they are everything you could want in a pair of gloves.

Perfectly Versatile

There isn’t much that these gloves can’t do. From grabbing a log out of the fire to packing snowballs in the backyard, they can handle anything you need them to. That’s the beauty of a good pair of gloves.

Unlike the fancy lambskin leather gloves you see all the time, these keep your hands warm and you won’t have to worry about destroying them.

Give’r creates its gloves with durability and performance in mind. The leather base construction gives them great strength and means they’ll last a lifetime. Then, they are coated in wax to help repel water before it can get in and soak your fingers.


Although you can wear these gloves in any season, most people only don them in the winter. Fortunately, they’re up to the task.

These Give’r gloves bear a 40 g Thinsulate insulation lining that helps keep your hands warm no matter what the temperature is outside. Meanwhile, a breathable Hipora membrane inside will wick away sweat and keep you from getting that soggy glove feeling. Yes, you know the one.

The glove is finished off with a ribbed elastic cuff that ensures the perfect fit every time. Whether you’re wearing a hoodie or eight layers of winter construction gear, your Give’r gloves will provide an ideal seal against the cold. Buy Here



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