Nike SB and Gnarhunters Collab Over New Blazer Mid

The Blazer Mid is one of Nikes most popular skateboarding sneakers. So popular in fact that it’s Elissa Steamers riding shoe of choice. Steamer is the first woman deemed ‘professional skateboarder’ in the sports long history. Nike has now collaborated with the decorated skater and brand Gnarhunters on an all new Blazer Mid skate sneaker.

Blazer Mid: Designed for the Ride

All of Nikes shoes in the skateboard line are meant to be ridden with. The Blazer is thin but sturdy. It allows riders to get a close feel of their board so their inputs can be as precise as possible. The sole is extremely flexible and makes landing those super technical tricks much easier. This shoe has been carefully designed to fit tight around the foot so nothing can get between you and the board. Not only is this shoe a very useable piece of riding gear, it’s also got a special twist on it thanks to Gnarhunters.

Gnarhunters is an American skating brand that is all about the unique style and culture behind street and park skating. There are a few special gnarly details dropped around this shoe. The most obvious is the signature Nike swoosh. Inside it is filled with the companies ‘G’ logo. Another detail is more subtlety placed on the back of the shoe. The word Nike is written in the Gnarhunters very recognizable font, which is my favorite discrete nod to the brand. The Blazer Mid is a unique Nike skate shoe with a very distinct shape. This special Gnarhunters shoe gives the classic skate sneaker a special twist.

Elissa Steamer is one of skateboarding’s biggest names. When one of the biggest names, along with a brand like Gnarhunters come together with a classic Nike sneaker, good things happen. This Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid ‘Gnarhunters’ shoe fits like no other and is full of skateboard culture. Learn More


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