Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station Keeps You Fully Charged

Does it seem like at least one of your many gadgets is always dying? If you’re like most of us, you have several devices that need charging. But what happens if your power goes out? You’re stuck with gadgets that are now useless unless you’ve got a special charging port and the tiny battery pack you got to recharge your phone definitely won’t work for your laptop.

That’s where the Yeti 500X power station from Goal Zero comes in. This portable hub has enough juice to keep all of your devices at full charge. It’s also built to travel with you. 

Built To Adapt

Remember that portable power bank for your phone? The Yeti 500X is nothing like that. This power station packs a big punch in a compact package. It has four different port options—including AC, 12V, USB, and USB-C. This means that you should be able to charge just about any device you own. Since there are so many options, you can even charge them all at once.

Yeti 500X is designed to recharge everything from smartphones to laptops. It can also run small appliances like a toaster or coffee pot, making it perfect for camping and RV trips.

That “500” in the name isn’t just for show. This power station packs 500 watts of electricity so you’ll be able to juice up several times.

Power Anywhere

Finding an outlet while you’re on the move can be tough. You don’t want to be tied down while you wait for your devices to charge.

Fortunately, Yeti 500X is a portable solution. It measures in at 11.25”x7.5”x5.8” so that you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Those that don’t want to rely on the grid can make their Yeti 500X even better by adding on Goal Zero’s solar panels. They are designed to keep the station fully charged when you need power the most.

Yeti 500X is a perfect solution for anyone that needs some extra power in their life—especially for those that can’t settle down. Buy here

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