GoFish Cam Is The “GoPro” Designed For Fishing

Ever wanted to see what exactly is going on under the water while you’re fishing? Unless you’re fishing in the Caribbean’s crystal-clear water (we wish) you probably can’t see much. But wouldn’t it be neat to see the fish fumbling onto your hook as you lure them in? Part of the thrill of fishing is waiting for the fish to come to you, and GoFish lets you see the action in real time.

The GoFish camera weighs a perfect 94g, so there’s no need to add any additional weight. Unlike attaching any old waterproof camera to your fishing line, this one is perfectly designed to. It’s only 11.5cm long, proving that size doesn’t matter (kidding, we all know it does). Since it comes in a small package the GoFish Cam is great for all kinds of fishing and lets you do so normally. Just cast your line like normal and let the camera go to work.

For real-time viewing, use the included float accessory. With it, you can view the camera’s HD video feed through an app on your smartphone. Or, if you prefer deep-sea fishing, you can review the footage each time you reel the camera in. The GoFish Cam is great for float fishing, boat fishing, casting, and trolling.

With a camera perfect for capturing the exciting underwater action of fishing, get ready to experience your favorite pastime like never before. Just be sure to send us links to the best videos you capture with your new toy. Buy Here

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