Take to the Greens at Home With the Golden Tee Home Edition

When you’ve got that itch to get your putt on, you gotta scratch it. But what if Mother Nature’s not on your side or you really can’t be bothered to put on clothes? Or maybe you want a change of pace in your golfing game. Take your golfing experience to the next level with the Golden Tee Home Edition, a reimagining of the classic arcade-style cabinet popular in bars and pubs for 30 years. Now tailored for the home, Golden Tee offers you the same fun and addiction in the comfort of the indoors.

Golf in unique and imaginative new ways

Dozens of courses and a wide range of cool features and formats make this edition of Golden Tee a must have. You’ll be wowed by courses that double as a mini world tour. From the Eiffel Tower to the top of Mount Everest, you can immerse yourself in lots of famous world sites and locations. Take a trip to paradise in Hawaii or journey to an African safari. Who knew a golf game would take you all over at the comfort of home? You’ll have access to over 80 original 18-hole virtual golf courses, including seven new courses in Golden Tee 2020.

Compete online and track your progress

You can compete against computer opponents, including PGA Tour legend John Daly in the Real Time Rivals game mode. This format lets you see how you stack up against other competitors in new and old courses. If you sign up for an online subscription, which connects to the ITNet System, you can connect to your player history and stats with any Golden Tee system. Your stats will show the number of rounds played, your average and handicap scores, and how many holes in one you’ve hit throughout your career.

Compete in online tournaments with other players. You can join 19 other players in a contest and see how you rank in the national leaderboards, including monthly World Rankings. You can also create your own private matches, or contests, choosing between 2-100 players. Select the course, the stakes, and you can even play for money if your state allows.

Love creating and customizing your own character? When you’re online, you can alter the look and style of your golfer. Besides wacky outfits and crazy hairstyles, you can also choose from a variety of club sets and golf balls. Who needs the standard golf club anymore? Putt with an electric guitar or a hockey stick! Buy Here




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