Golfkicks Give Your Favorite Old Sneakers A Happy Retirement On The Golf Course

Everyone deserves a nice, happy retirement. Even if it feels like a million years away, who doesn’t dream of a peaceful retirement on the golf course. Just like you, your sneakers are waiting for the day that they get to retire. Unfortunately, they know that most sneakers end up retiring to the landfill. Or worse, a garage sale. The thought is terrifying to them. What will they do? With Golfkicks, you can turn those sneakers with no traction into perfectly good golf shoes and give them the retirement of your dreams. They’re begging you.

You have probably seen the round, ninja-star-like spikes that are on the bottom of golf shoes. They help you get traction when taking a big swing on the slippery grass or while walking around the course. The problem with those is that they live on the bottoms of some of the ugliest things to ever walk the Earth. Get it? Walk the Earth? Ha. Ha.

Golfkicks allow you to turn any shoes (even some Yeezy’s) into shoes that are perfect for the golf course. They are made from eco-friendly materials and are designed to screw directly into the sole of any shoe. All you need to install them is a Phillip’s head screwdriver or drill bit. While you can remove them, they are intended to stay in for a long time, so they are perfect for giving your shoes a long and happy retirement.

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