Secure Your Online Accounts With Google’s Titan Key

Cyber security has a new hero. The Titan Security Key from Google is a phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) device that gives you an extra level of security. Two-factor authentication isn’t anything new in cyber security. You may be familiar with 2FA on your email or social media, but even strong 50-character passwords can be hacked. As a physical device, the Titan Key takes an alternate approach to 2FA. Physical security keys work using Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), removing the need to remember passwords. In 2017, Google gave physical security keys to all 85,000 workers to login accounts. There have been no account hacks since then. The Titan Key gives you the same level of security used at Google.

The Titan Key is actually a set of two keys. You get a USB-A security key with NFC, and a battery-powered, Micro-USB-equipped Bluetooth/NFC key. The kit includes both keys and an adapter for devices with USB Type-C ports. The Titan Key is built on FIDO open standards, protecting you on a variety of apps and online services, Google or not. It also works seamlessly with Google’s strongest security offering, the Advanced Protection Program. At $50, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and online security. Buy Here


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