The Hyped Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Is Revealed at $3m

Formula 1 design legend Gordon Murray has finally unveiled the latest supercar for all of us to lust after. The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 takes after the legendary McLaren F1’s spirit. The McLaren F1 has its roots in the ‘90s and with its limited run of just over 100 units, it was and still is a highly covetable supercar. Murray, who is responsible for the F1 and now the beauty that’s the T.50, is a celebrated designer of Formula One racing cars and a household name for racing enthusiasts. The T.50 was teased in December and had a May debut date planned until the pandemic put a cork in it until now.

The purest, lightest, and most driver-focused supercar

The T.50 is said to be the purest kind of supercar. It’s powered by a Cosworth-sourced V12 engine that revs to 12,100 rpm. It’s the highest-revving engine ever used in a production car. Fan car technology delivers the most advanced aerodynamics seen on a road car, which helps improve downforce or reduce drag. If you want less drag, the tech will unlock up to 30 extra horsepower for a total of 700 hp. The car has a mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive layout, framed central driving position, and H-pattern gearbox. The T.50 also has a unique carbon fiber tub, which focuses on minimizing the weight of the car. Production for the T.50 is limited to just 100 cars at about $3 million each. The hype is real and a majority of the limited run has already been spoken for even before production. Deliveries are estimated to start in early 2022.

Although Murray is a well-seasoned designer, the T.50 is the first from GMA. It certainly won’t be the last. Murray speaks of plans to build a succession of other models, including a track-only T.50 with a limited build of 25 cars. According to Autoweek, Murray confirms the model will have fixed wings in addition to the original T.50’s 48-volt electric fan. It will also be able to make up to three times as much downforce and weigh just 1,962 pounds. Murray said to Autoweek, “We’re building a company, not just a car,” so get excited for more to come from GMA. Buy Here

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