Get a Full Body Workout With This All-In-One Tool – Gorilla Bow

It’s not easy keeping up with your fitness goals. Whether you’re a top fitness influencer or just starting out, there are always some obstacles—or excuses—to why you’ll skip a workout. One skipped session can easily lead to another and eventually spiral down to full-on couch potato mode for longer than you’d like. Beat the fitness slump before it happens with the Gorilla Bow. This innovative and compact tool packs quite the punch. Economic and portable, the Gorilla Bow is designed to give you all the workouts traditional exercise machines offer without the bulk.

Gorilla Fitness is a Rhode Island-based company that aims to create products that evolve personal gyms and make working out intense, but fun and cost effective. The idea behind the Gorilla Bow was to create something that was versatile and could give you a thorough, full body workout. The shape of an ancient bow lent to the design when Gorilla Fitness founders realized it was the perfect structure they were looking for. Their Kickstarter campaign for the Gorilla Bow started in 2017, surpassed its goal within a month, and has been a hit in the fitness community since.

For all fitness levels

The Gorilla Bow is great for all fitness levels. Beginners and professional athletes alike will feel the burn and challenge using this tool. Constructed from aircraft aluminum, the Gorilla Bow is built to last. It can handle 300 lbs of tension and its FlexClaw design makes it quick and easy to modify the resistance. The Gorilla Bow comes with four 100% latex double wall resistance cables, in 10, 20, 32, and 45 lbs. Working out with resistance cables mean you can’t rely on momentum or gravity for your exercises. You really have to do all the work yourself! For the ultimate challenge, strap on all the cables!

Full body workouts

Work out every major muscle group with the combination of resistance bands and high intensity interval circuit training. Tone your arms, sculpt your abs, work on your legs and glutes, and also get your cardio in with this simple piece of equipment. The Gorilla Bow incorporates movements and exercises you’re familiar with, like squats, bench press, curls, and rowing. The resistance cords give you added benefits to your routine. You can reach your fitness goals in less time because you’ll just be using one tool! The included workout guide is the perfect companion for your sweat fest.

Due to its all-in-one design, the Gorilla Bow really shines a light on the benefits of HIIT workouts. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has you alternate quick bursts of intense exercises with short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Just 15 minutes of HIIT can burn more calories than jogging on a treadmill for an hour and you won’t get bored. This training method can increase your metabolism, build endurance, and is kind to your heart. The Gorilla Bow is the perfect addition to any HIIT workout and since you’re just using one tool for multiple exercises, it’s easy to alternate.

Work out anywhere

Measuring at 56” long and 9.5″ wide and weighing 8 lbs, the Gorilla Bow is portable and space-saving. You can work out anywhere that’s convenient. Get a quick lunch workout in at the office for a boost of energy or take it outside to the park on a nice summer day. Of course, the Gorilla Bow is perfect at home too. Unlike dumbbells and bulky exercise machines, it can be easily stowed away due to its simple and narrow design. At $179.75, the Gorilla Bow is cheaper than a gym membership or buying traditional gym equipment. Buy Here



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