Ski All Year Round with Grass Skis

Warmer weather opens the door to so many fun outdoor sports. Beach volleyball, field hockey, and ultimate frisbee are just some of the fun sweat fests that welcome in the summer. The rising temps and longer days probably make you crave these summer activities, but some of us just can’t fully leave winter sports alone. For those who always dream about the slopes and hitting 20 mph downhill, the summer alternative is far more accessible than you think. It may not be fresh powder, but the grass will do just fine while you wait for the next ski season.

What is grass skiing?

Grass skiing was invented in Germany in 1966 by Richard Martin and was originally developed as a training method for alpine skiing. Today, the sport is still making progress and developing, and although it is generally more popular in Europe, it has made a name for itself worldwide. There is an international club and even competitions with time trials and world championships. Grass skiing is a great way to extend your ski season, learn a new, exciting sport, and keep your body in good shape. Experience on the slopes isn’t a necessity—anyone can enjoy grass skiing!

The equipment is relatively similar to alpine skiing gear, except for the obvious fact that grass skis are designed for the grass, not snow. Grass skis can come with wheels or tracks. Wheeled grass skis can be used on a variety of terrain, but most grass skis use rolling treads or tracks. Tracked skis are designed specifically to slide on the grass, giving you more speed. Like alpine skiers, grass skiers also use poles and helmets. Since grass isn’t as forgiving as snow, many grass skiers also wear padding on their knees, legs, and elbows. Grass skiing is still making its way in the world, so equipment isn’t as readily available to rent like snow skis. Luckily, grass skis are generally less expensive than their winter counterpart and Grasski USA has you covered!

High quality, smooth performance

Grasski USA’s motto is “Extend your season!” and their skis definitely help you achieve that. They are the main distributor and reseller of grass skis in the U.S. and Canada. All Grasski USA skis are handmade with attention to detail and quality. They offer two tracked ski models: the Speedy Jack and Netahlo Race. Both models feature a blue varnished ash wood that absorbs vibrations and gives exact flex pattern. They have chrome-nickel rails that are carefully polished. The Speedy Jack features high quality plastic rolls and the Netahlo has machined nylon rolls. The Netahlo is hardier, lighter, and designed for higher speeds and more durability. Both models come with five replacement plates, four replacement elements, two toe pieces, and two heel pieces.

Like other sport equipment, maintaining your grass skis is important for performance. Keep your skis well lubricated, focusing the oils on the rolls to keep the gliding smooth. There’s a special synthetic foil that protects your skis from filth and debris, like grass and soil. The foil is stretched over the ski and remains on when you’re skiing. Your skis can be cleaned together with the foil in a bucket with a cleaning liquid. The included replacement plates and elements are there for easy and quick replacement should you go too hardcore. Buy Here

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