Greyp G12S Is An E-Bike Directly Out Of The Future

No, seriously. Riding this thing will make you think you accidentally time traveled into the future. This bike is designed to give you the best of both worlds, motorcycle and bicycle, while adding in some awesome futuristic features.

The G12S starts up with your fingerprint. It only gets better from there. With no keys to worry about, you’re just a fingerprint scan away from getting on the road. Use your thumb to enter Street Mode, while using your middle finger activates Power Mode. If only using your middle finger activated a power mode every time you use it.

Street Mode tops the bike out at 25 km/h (~15mph) to keep it from being classified as a motorcycle when on the road. Power Mode, however, will get you up to 75 km/h (~45mph) for when you need some speed. In both modes, you can pedal along to help the engine or sit still and ride it like a motorcycle. A sophisticated display shows you all of the information you need to plan your ride more effectively.

The Greyp G12S can travel up to 120 km (75 miles) on a single charge. Thanks to regenerative braking. You thought fingerprint starting was cool. Instead of using the mechanical brakes, the bike uses the motor to recharge the battery with up to 2kW of power while you brake. But fear not, they are some of the best hydraulic brakes on the market and have plenty of stopping power. Finally, the battery fully charges in less than 80 minutes from a standard wall outlet.

For a classy, environmentally friendly, and futuristic ride, the Greyp G12S is perfect whether you’re cruising down the street or racing along a back road. Buy Here


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