The Griffin Elevator Lifts Your Laptop To New Heights

Well, technically the heights aren’t new. But it will certainly make it more comfortable to look at. If you’re using a dual monitor set-up and are using your laptop as one of those displays, this is an absolutely essential piece of gear. I use my laptop in this way and can’t wait to get my hands on one for myself.

Honestly my only complaint is that they used a Mac in their product pictures. (#TeamPC all the way). For real though, you can use the Griffin Elevator for both Mac (booo!) and PC (wooo!) laptops. In fact, it is universal so you can use it for just about any laptop.

Its main purpose, as the name suggests, is to elevate your laptop up off your desk’s surface. It does this effectively, raising your device 5.5”. This frees up loads of space underneath for your keyboard, mouse, and trinkets. We suggest some awesome Lego Minifigs, superhero figures, dragons, knights, football guys, or literally anything small and fun. Trust us, your desk will be 1000 times cooler.

The Griffin Elevator also helps keep your laptop running efficiently by keeping it much cooler than if it were sitting on the desk. The entire device disassembles easily so you can take it with you on the go. Airplanes, hotels, and coffeehouses beware. There will be a lot more space to go around. Watch out, you might be a poweruser before you know it. Enjoy! Buy Here

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