Feel Smooth When You’re Using The Groovemade Pen

For those who tend to enjoy the finer things in life, it is time to take your penmanship to the next level. This is not a pen for the everyday man. No, the Groovemade Pen is meant for the thinkers, movers, and shakers of today. A pen to be used as inspiration flows; while creating art, music, innovation, or the freaking Declaration of Inde”pen”dence.

The 007 Of Pens

Groovemade pens are built with precision. There is no guesswork or almost perfect involved in their creation. The pen itself is engineered out of a single piece of pure aluminum. Like a beautiful sportscar, the body is built to look classy but also perform.

Its one-piece construction is equipped to last you a lifetime. The outside is covered in a ceramic coating to make it more durable so it can keep up with you.

In terms of balls, this pen is blessed. Something is special about the balls used. The Groovemade pen features only the highest quality Schmidt P8126 rollerballs.

Handy Dandy Features

Just as inspiration strikes at a moment’s notice, so do distractions. The Groovemade pen has machine made facets, so when you set it down on your workspace it does not try to roll away. If you think you are too good to just set your pen down on the desk, there is also a stand.

The stand comes in two styles, walnut and maple, and it is designed to look great on your workspace. It also diminishes the need for ink retraction. For our nervous pen clickers, there is a feature for you too. Instead of the clicking in and out you get yelled at for the pen twists the ink in and out of place. It is just as satisfying. We promise. Buy Here

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