Gruma Hunter Is Your New Perfect Hunting Companion

Hunting has evolved significantly since humanity’s early days of pelting wooly mammoths with wooden spears and stones. With our heat seeking trackers, broadhead arrows, powerful automatic hunting rifles and more, some might say that hunting is unfair. There’s one thing that nature still has an advantage at though. That is getting around in changing and rough terrain. Game can outrun you up a rocky hillside, disappear across a rushing stream, or leave your four-wheeler stranded on a muddy trail. Today’s hunting relies on waiting for the animals to come to you. What if you could hunt like a true predator? By stalking, chasing, and out-maneuvering your prey. That’s what the Gruma Hunter is here for.

Gruma Automobile has a mission to customize vehicles for hunters. No, we don’t mean another four-wheeler or dirt bike. We mean legit, badass, hunting vehicles. The vehicles are essentially a special Mercedes-Benz, so you already know that the quality is top-notch. Then, consider that Gruma partners with professional and casual hunters around the world and you know that the specs of these vehicles are exactly what a hunter needs. It all starts with a Mercedes X-Class pickup truck.

That’s about where the similarities end. This bad boy is all grown up and ready to hunt. For looks, it features Bollards alloy rims, front, side, and roll bars. Of course, your prey doesn’t really care that your ride is sick. These upgrades are for more than just looks though. Along with underside protection and a tachogenerator, they ensure that your vehicle is ready to go anywhere. No matter what you intend to do in it, this vehicle is up to the task.

If you want to get even more intense, this vehicle has a variety of upgrades available. You can opt for a front or rear winch, a dog crate, or a tailgate-mounted rifle holder. After you take down your game, you can keep clean in the field with the Aqua2go Pro pressure washer. You can opt for more storage space on the bunk or modify the roof into an elevated platform that you can perch on during your hunt. Almost like a sniper’s nest on top of your car. Is this a video game or real life? Good news, it’s real life.

If you think a vehicle like this can’t sneak up on game, you’re wrong. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes that give you an edge in the hunting game. You can get it in either camouflage or a matte green color wrap. Both of these have hardly any reflection and make it very difficult for game to see you. Though the engine makes some noise it isn’t loud or intrusive.

Whether you’re racing across streams, climbing hills, or speeding through a valley, game will never escape you in this awesome vehicle. Be the ultimate big game hunter in the Gruma Hunter. Learn More

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