Smart, Safe, and Handy: The GunBox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe

For many owning guns is an important part of life. Whether you go to the range to practice your shot, take weekend escapes to go hunting, or just keep them at home to defend yourself and family, it can be tricky to find a safe place to keep them. Though they can be fun, they are a big responsibility and you don’t want them getting into the wrong hands. Thanks to the GunBox 2.0 you can keep your weapons and ammo locked away safe and sound in the smartest quick access gun safe.

Why This Safe Is Just That. Safe.

Most safes on the market today are protected by either a passcode, key required lock, or both. Though that is safe enough for some, the GunBox 2.0 takes it a few steps further. This gun box features a Keypad and Biometric Fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner can store multiples prints, letting the owner control exactly who has access.

It can store multiple fingerprints, letting you decide exactly who can access the safe. The quick access safe also has an RFiD scanner. That means that it is also opened by a key card or fob, which are both included with the safe. Not only is this safe more securely protected than most, but also quicker to get into. People can find or guess passwords, but nobody can get your fingerprint. Fingerprints work much quicker too. If an emergency arises where you need to get to your firearm quickly in order to defend yourself or others, typing in a lengthy password is only going to slow you down. Using your fingerprint will unlock the safe in about a second so you can arm yourself in a moments notice if needed. Another great feature of this safe is the size. This is designed in a way to fit in nearly any space.

Not only can you hide it in shelves or drawers at home, but you can also take it on the go with you. It has been approved by the FAA to safely transport a gun. If you are on the road often you can have this safe with you the whole time so you never spend a second unprotected. 

More Special Feats of the GunBox 2.0

Not only is this gun box safe and smart, but handy too. On the box are two USB ports for charging devices or attaching accessories. Afraid this will drain your battery? Worry not, the battery life is 1 year long so annual battery changes will be the only maintenance necessary. Another great feature and my personal favorite is the alarm system. The alarm is audible, motion, and tamper sensitive. Any time it detects something out of the ordinary it emits a loud sound letting you know it has been triggered.

With this safe, there is absolutely no getting past or tricking it. On top of all this, the safe has a sleek and subtle design. Dressed in charcoal gray with a black stripe down the center it looks good without being noticeable enough to stick out. On the outside cover is a small white logo of a shield, and the fingerprint and keycard scanner.

Storing a weapon is serious work, and choosing the right box to keep your firearm safe and sound is quite the responsibility. The GunBox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe understands the importance of its work. So if you’re looking to store your personal firearm the smart and safe way, store it with the GunBox 2.0. Buy Here


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