Guns and Ammo Clock Lets You Express Your ‘Merica Pride Any Time Of The Day

What time is it? Guns and ammo time! That’s what you’ll be saying every time you look at this awesome new clock. Gun lovers, patriots, and hunters alike will adore this unique and eye-catching timepiece. It looks great in your man cave, home office, cabin, or the garage. Let’s admit it, it would look great anywhere, but your wife probably won’t let you hang it in the bedroom.

This clock is handmade with American components, including the clock mechanisms and the bullets. The twelve hours are marked by .223 dummy rounds while the minutes are denoted by 9mm dummy rounds. They point inwards to the 9 and 10 rings of a classic shooting range target. These bullets know where to find the bullseye, and you will too after basking in the sheer awesomeness of this clock. Telling time has never been so badass.

A dark stained wood back compliments the gold and copper colored brass ammunition surrounding the clock. Gold clock hands stay accurate to give you the right time, so you know when it’s finally time to throw some lead downrange. Brackets on the back protect the clock mechanism and picture wire makes it just as easy to hang as it will be to impress your buddies with this unique clock.

For anyone fond of guns and ammo this clock is a dream come true. Honestly, after seeing this, is there any way you would go back to staring at a plain old clock to tell time ever again? Nope. That’s what we thought. Buy Here

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