Gunsticles Are Like Truck Nuts But For Your Guns


What will they think of next? The answer to that right now is Gunsticles Tactical Testicles, which, as you can see, are rail mounted balls for your Picatinny or Weaver rail equipped rifle! They might just be the perfect novelty accessory for the gun lovers in your life.

So what kind of guns do Gunsticles fit? I’m glad you asked. Here is a handy list of the specs…

  • Beautifully hand sculpted by an artisan and professionally injec- tion molded
  •  Fits all Picatinny and Weaver rail equipped rifle systems
  •  Lightweight and durable with a subtle, soothing texture
  •  Professionally designed attractive packaging that will make an im- pact on the recipient
  •  The perfect size to make a lasting impression
  •  Designed for firearms, Airsoft, and paintball guns
  •  Includes everything you need: rail mount, magnificent Gunsti- cles scrotum, attachment ring, heat resistant nylon set screw, and hex wrench and instructions

Buy: $19.95

Gunsticles Gunsticles




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