This Guy Fieri Chef Knife Is The Best Knife On The Market For The Money

guy fieri chef knife

When you’re in the market for a great chef knife, you need to consider a few things: weight, sharpness, feel. After working with this 8-inch Guy Fieri chef knife for the last few weeks, I can firmly say that it has all of those things in spades. It is so sharp that very little effort is required by the user. Aside from the sharpness, the weight is on point, making it very sturdy. And then there is the price. Just for comparison sake, this Wusthof 8-in chef knife would run you somewhere in the range of $119. They make great knives, no doubt, but when you compare them to this Guy Fieri chef knife, it’s no contest. Because this knife costs less than an entree at a nice restaurant. Buy It Here

guy fieri chef knife

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