The Hangover Drink Is Here To Solve All Of Your Problems

hangover drink

If your mornings that follow a long night of drinking are anything like my mornings after a long night of drinking, they probably SUCK. Aches, pains and vomiting consume my day until about 3 or 4pm. Then, I magically begin to feel better. But for those first six to eight hours of my day, I want to die or swear off drinking altogether. Now, a new beverage named “The Hangover Drink” is here to tell us that we don’t have to suffer like idiots anymore. According to The Hangover Drink’s website, here is how it works.

“The Hangover Drink is centered around Hovenia Dulcis, an Oriental raisin tree. It contains Dihydromyricetin (DHM) which has anti-hepatotoxic properties to help detoxify our body after alcohol poisoning”

If that made zero sense to you (trust me, you’re not alone), here is a handy diagram to better understand how this works to cure your hangovers.

hangover drink

Basically, the reason the Hangover Drink works is because it uses something called Dihydromyricetin (DHM) which helps detoxify your body after you swill way too much booze. Even if you can’t understand why it helps you, I am sure you will understand why you will want the  Hangover Drink once it helps you not feel like complete sh*t for an entire day. Because that is something we all want, right? Right. Learn more here.

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