Hardcore Carnivore Is Your Guide To Cooking Meat Like A Pro

Every good carnivore loves meat. All the meat. Here at The Daily Want we like to think of ourselves as meat lovers. Whether that is beef, chicken, pork, game, lamb, or, yes, bacon. We love it all. Though you can enjoy most meats even if they aren’t cooked perfectly, the perfect cook makes your favorite meats even better. This book teaches you how to be a better carnivore. Some even call this book, “A carnivore’s Bible.”

Hardcore Carnivore is your complete guide to cooking better meat. It is a protein-packed cookbook that teaches you how to perfectly grill, sear, barbeque, and roast your meat. Inside each unique, original recipe you’ll find techniques to make your meat better. Whether these are suggestions on how to season it or instructions on how to cook it, each tip will instantly up your meat game.

Author Jess Pryles has been referred to as the “female version of Ron Swanson”. Now, if you know anything about Parks and Rec, you know that this is high praise. It is also well-deserved. Jess is truly passionate about cooking up delicious meats of all sorts. This shows in her writing page by page. You’ll love the engaging way that she writes about each recipe and the simple, clear instructions that accompany each one.

Lots of people like to compare cooking to chemistry, suggesting that it is a science. We couldn’t agree more. So does Jess. Each cooking technique and recipe gets a reinforcement as the science behind it is part of the section. Unlike most cookbooks that just tell you to do something and expect you to blindly follow, this one explains why you should. Ever wonder why you should marinate overnight or sear before roasting? Now you can find out thanks to Hardcore Carnivore.

If you just want to eat good meat and don’t care why it tastes good, then never fear. There is just enough science and reasoning to whet your appetite for meat before you sink your teeth into the good stuff. Consider it an appetizer.

Another thing we love about this book is that Jess Pryles uses recipes that ensure you have access to locally available ingredients. Using local ingredients makes your meals fresher, healthier, and better tasting. She ensures that each recipe can be made with locally found ingredients or that you can get them online.

Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a barbeque feast, this book has a recipe to suit your interests. It takes cooking meat to a whole new level and will send your taste buds out of this world. As you learn about all the basics, finishes, and insider tricks, don’t forget about the Hardcore Carnivore signature line of spices and seasonings. These are a perfect accompaniment to the book and will help make the recipes pop even more. Is your mouth watering yet? Buy Here


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