The Hardcore Hammer Is Like Mjolnir But For Mortals And Mortal Tasks

Whether you’re a carpenter or a handyman, a hammer is a necessary tool. Don’t worry all my average Joes out there, you also need a hammer. Why not make it a badass one? At least then we can make people think we do cool, hammery stuff.

So, we haven’t been able to confirm this, but we think that swinging this hammer once or twice automatically gives you some solid biceps. Why, you ask? For one, its name “The Hardcore Hammer” means you aren’t dealing with some ordinary piece of metal. This is the hammer of the gods. Kind of. Sorry guys, Thor ruined that for all of us. Now that Mjolnir is gone (RIP) this is as close as you can get to a godlike space hammer.

In all reality, the Hardcore Hammer has an 18-inch hickory wood handle and boasts an impressive 19 oz. head. Most users say that it feels more like a 12 oz hammer though thanks to its unique, lightweight build. What makes it special is its recessed milled insert that makes hammering easier and helps to keep it from slipping. The outer part of the head is titanium while the inner core is steel. This combination gives you more power and more strength. Just no lightning powers. Maybe in the Hardcore Hammer 2.0? (We’re looking at you hammer makers)

For yourself, or the individual in your life who needs a heavy-duty hammer, this one hits the nail on the head. See what we did there? Buy Here

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