Harley-Davidson IronE: A Young Bikers First Ride

There is very little more joyous than seeing a young child take after their parents. Seeing a spark in a son or daughter to pick up a hobby or interest that’s shared with a parent is such a special thing. When it comes to motorcycles, it’s a bit tricky to get your little ones on a bike like that at a young age. If I told you that your 3-7 year old could have and ride their own Harley, you’d probably think I’m crazy. But thanks to the IronE Electric Balance Bikes, this crazy idea is now a reality.

A Way To Start Earlier and Safer

Riding a motorcycle comes with certain risks. Risks that can be managed and maneuvered around by an experienced rider. But for a younger crowd, getting their beginner experience with a bike is a bit scary. These Harley-Davidson’s will let you get the little ones riding and practicing at the youngest possible age in a safe and controllable environment. The first of these models is the IronE12. It’s built for 3-5 year olds, typically under 75 lbs. It’s total weight (with battery) is only 17 lbs, so controlling and keeping this bike upright will be totally doable for the little bike-loving-tikes.

The slightly larger IronE16 is for the 5-7 year range and weighs only 2 lbs more. Both bikes come with composite wheels and neumatic tires making it a breeze to handle. From the adjustable seat to tapered footrest, to even the 3 way adjustable top speed, these e-bikes are the safest and easiest way to get the youngest riders riding.

Whether you’ve ridden motorcycles or not, we can all see the freedom and enjoyment they bring to the riders, as well as the potential risks that accompany these good times. Getting kids practicing safe riding techniques and enjoying their powered bikes at a younger age will not only bring a stronger love of this hobby and lifestyle, but create a safer and better prepared generation of motorcycle riders. And it’s all thanks to the Harley-Davidson IronE Electric Balance Bikes. Buy Here


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