Haven Is A Hammock That’s Also A Tent

Do you enjoy the total peace that comes with swinging in your hammock in the middle of nature? Wouldn’t you love to just fall asleep in it and spend the night there instead of having to get out and go sleep on the ground in a tent? With Haven, now you can.

That’s not all that this innovative piece of camping gear offers, though. Despite being a hammock, Haven has a flat bottom, which makes it perfect for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike.

Neck Saver

A traditional hammock arches upwards towards its securing lines, making it difficult to lie down in. Unless you rest on your back, your neck is painfully contorted in a half-sitting, half-lying position. In the Haven, you can lay flat while getting all of the benefits of a hammock. Yes, including the gentle side-to-side swaying that puts you to sleep in an instant. There’s also an air mattress that inflates via a built-in foot pump to make it feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Haven takes the best parts of a tent and a hammock to create something that every outdoor lover needs to have in their camping gear collection.

The Features You Want

So, you can sleep on your side in the Haven hammock. Now what? Actually, Haven brings in some of a normal tent’s helpful features to help you conquer the great outdoors.

The starter kit also includes a rainfly and mosquito netting so that you can keep swinging even if conditions aren’t ideal. Best yet, the entire system weighs just over 5.5 pounds and packs into a compact carrying sack.

Haven comes in two colors, forest green and sky blue, that will match most gear collections. Unless you’re a banana that enjoys sleeping in the shape of a “U” Haven is about to reinvent the way that you think about hammocking. Buy Here


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