Upgrade Your EDC With the Helion Flip

You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to staple EDC knives, but the Helion Flip is pushing the boundaries of conventional folding knife designs. The Helion Flip, created by

Ronin Energetics, is crafted around the utility blade, a standard item in any EDC kit. Ronin Energetics is a Saskatchewan-based company specializing in products made using in-house custom designed CNC, or computer numerical control, automation equipment. This knife is unlike anything you’ve seen, with its sleek design and game-changing technology.

Advanced magnetic technology

One of the unique highlights of the Helion Flip is that it’s powered by magnets. Most flip knives commonly sport a solid ball-bearing as the detent or the mechanism that helps the knife flip open. The Helion Flip instead uses a contactless magnetic detent, so the blades are held solely with magnets. The magnets provide the tension needed to keep the blade secure in both open and closed positions. Heavier magnets are placed toward the outer edges of the frame for a solid and satisfying feel when opening and closing the blade.

Magnets are also used to securely clamp and prevent blade slippage as well as allow you to quickly change your blades. Most utility knives have loose blades, which make it hard when you need those precise cuts. The Helion Flip’s high-grade N2 magnets prevent any wobbling and will keep your blade steady. They have over 20 lbs of magnetic force. 

Sleek, functional, and ergonomic design

The Helion Flip is rugged and capable, but not an eyesore by any means. The knife has a solid G10 composite and carbon fiber frame. It features an open-face style, which allows you to customize your knife with unique blade designs for a really personal touch. The blades are STANLEY® 1992® Heavy duty or high quality 11-700, 11-800 FATMAX® utility blades.

For portability and easy access, the Helion Flip also features a carbon fiber deep carry pocket clip and lanyard attachment. The clip’s carbon fiber construction is strong and flexible, so you’re guaranteed a long-lasting product. The knife also has a large grip ring for a tight and secure hold even with gloves on. The contours of the spine make it easily fit into the curves of your hands.

The Kickstarter campaign launched on September 28 and was fully funded by 273 backers on November 12. Learn More


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