Hell Bent Wallets: ‘We’re Not Heaven Sent, We’re Hell Bent’

Let’s be real for a second, you probably put little to no thought into the wallet you have now. I know this is true for me personally. The only reason I have the wallet I do is because it’s what I’ve always had. My wallet is fine, it holds my money, but that’s about it. But maybe it shouldn’t just be ‘fine’. After all, the security of our money, identity, and other personal information is not something to take lightly. The Hell Bent Wallets are all made for exactly that. They take this job very seriously, and it shows.

Safe and Sound In Every Way

The Hell Bent Wallets are appropriately named because after looking at the specs they could go through Hell and back and return totally unscathed. They offer a variety of wallets, from their 2.5 series to the more updated 3.0. This 2.5 one is made of the incredibly durable thermoform plastic and comes in three different sizes. As if this one was not strong enough, the new 3.0 is crafted from aluminum to be even tougher.

These wallets are each very strong and dependable because of the rugged materials, but the security goes beyond that. Not only do these keep your money and info safe from falling, scratching, and crashing, but it’s RFID resistant as well. RFID readers are devices used to steal personal info and money from credit/debit card. Without a wallet like these, all your personal information could be made public without someone even stealing a physical copy of these cards. The Hell Bent wallets are the overachievers of safety, and we applaud them for it.

I’ll be the first to admit I have not given my choice in wallets the attention it deserves. While I’ve been neglecting the risk my current floppy leather wallet puts me in, the folks at Hell Bent have been designing and producing one that will not only lower these risks, but do away with them completely. Buy Here


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