Herb Is The Cookbook That Teaches You How To Cook With Cannabis

Ten years ago, this book would have been kept hidden under your bed. Now, you can proudly display it on your bookshelf or the coffee table. If you can put it down and take a break from cooking its recipes that is.

Herb is the only comprehensive cookbook that teaches you how to make delicious meals with cannabis. You won’t be stuck eating brownies and gummy bears anymore. Thanks to this book you can chef up gourmet dishes and comfort food infused with everyone’s green stuff. No, not money. You know what we meant.

Cooking With Cannabis

When you open this book you’ll be greeted with the words of classically trained chef Laurie Goldrich. Besides being a food stylist, editor, recipe developer, cookbook writer, and yes, chef for more than thirty years, Laurie also contributes to several cannabis columns. These include The Cannabist, High Times, Oregon Leaf, and Cannabis Now. As cannabis becomes more mainstream she has cemented herself as a leading voice in marijuana edibles.

Now, she wants to help you make your edibles something you can eat for dinner. Okay, sure you could eat weed brownies for dinner but do you really want to go there? You’ll be cooking everything from pesto spaghetti to ribeye steaks that are infused with cannabis. In some recipes you’ll taste it, in others you won’t. That’s all part of the magic.

Either way, your taste buds will be rejoicing. Let’s not lie, your mind and body will be too. That might not all be from the cooking though.

Science And Art

We all know that cooking is both an art and a science. Baking a cake can seem more like a science experiment or a masterpiece depending on your experience and how much TLC you give it. T-L-C people, not THC. Although your experience could definitely change with that too.

With over 200 pages of beautifully illustrated recipes, Herb has everything you need if you’re a beginner or an expert. You’ll be able to cook through all the courses from appetizers to dessert and will enjoy each and every one. When you’re trying out the recipes, just be sure your guests know what they’re eating.

The best part is that these recipes are designed for home cooks. You won’t need any fancy equipment or advanced training. You’ll learn how to prepare extractions, infusions of cannabis into oil or butter, and then use them in your meals.

Mixed in with the recipes you’ll find expert tips on creating consistent cannabis extractions for use in your dishes. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how to dose it and learn about some of the most popular marijuana varieties.

Everyone says you should start cooking with more herbs and spices to make your food more flavorful. Who says you can’t cook with the most exciting herb of all? In fact, this unique ingredient can take your home meals to all new heights. Sorry, we had to do it. Buy Here


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