World’s Most Intelligent Cup Tracks Your Fluid Intake And Gets You Drinking More Water

Hey Do Smart Cup

Drinking more water on a daily basis is something we can all benefit from. HeyDo is the world’s most intelligent ‘smart cup’. It tracks your fluid intake and the purity of the water that you are drinking. If your water isn’t pure enough this cup will alert you. If the lid on the HeyDo smart cup is ajar you’ll be alerted.

We’ve all heard from our mothers or our newspapers that drinking fluids will help keep you healthy. The HeyDo Cup takes that mantra to the next level by tracking your drinking habits, reminding you to drink water regularly, and measuring the purity level of the water you do drink. You’ve never met a cup so devoted to you! Buy Now

Hey Do Smart Cup

The Details:

  • Create drinking reminders for hydration goals & medicine reminders
  • Set water intake goals to best fit your diet plans
  • Use the integrated PPM meter to avoid dirty or contaminated water
  • Measure the strength & extraction yield of your coffee before you drink it
  • Chat & send drinking reminders to your friends through the interactive app
  • Avoid spills w/ HeyDo’s loose lid alerts
  • Switch between LCD displays w/ light touches

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