HICKIES 2.0: Live Without Laces

Unless you’ve been rocking velcro shoes your whole life, an important lesson you learn as a kid is how to tie your shoelaces. Be it the bunny ears method or some kinda loop de loop, lacing up is just muscle memory for people, like walking or smiling at a puppy. You just don’t think about it. So how do you improve something so ingrained in everyone’s day-to-day life? You reinvent the wheel, which is exactly what HICKIES did with their adjustable elastic straps.

No more tripping over dirty untied laces. No more wasting precious seconds fumbling over them in the middle of a marathon. No more loose ends. Easy to install and completely customizable, the HICKIES system’s adaptive technology and modular design makes every shoe a slip-on with the perfect fit every time. Each strap connects to a single pair of eyelets so you can create an adaptive fit with different levels of tension throughout your shoes. HICKIES 2.0 are easy to use—simply feed the strap through one eyelet to the other and lock it in the center to connect.

HICKIES 2.0 is stronger and sleeker than the first rendition and offers a slightly longer length. Made from durable thermoplastic elastomer, the straps expand and contract independently to adjust to your every move. Converses, Nikes, and even boots—HICKIES 2.0 work with many types of shoes as long as they have eyelets. They are perfect for traveling, running, training, walking the dog, and really, just about anything. Say goodbye to bows forever! Buy Here

hickies shoelaces review

Hickies shoelaces

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