Bring Some Color to Your High With High Ball

The holidays are here and that means lots of parties and fun. And house parties mean games, whether it’s board, video, or cards. If you’re tired of losing friendships over Monopoly and Uno, and don’t feel like taking on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, especially if you’re a bit lit, there’s a colorful and fun game that will challenge you and take you on a sensory adventure. High Ball is an electronic game for the high and the high-minded. The game is developed by High Concepts, a father-daughter duo Jim and Lila Becker. Jim has 30 years of experience creating kid’s toys with his design firms Becker&Mayer! And SmartLab Toys. Lila followed in her father’s footsteps and is a toy creator for Dutch design firm Fugafour. They have collaborated and shared ideas for kids’ toys for years, but this game focuses on an older, higher audience.

A colorful sensory game with the high in mind

High Ball is an immersive, elegant, and user-friendly game. It’s the first patented, interactive, motion-sensing game designed with the high in mind. There are no complicated settings or button combos. It’s a simple, but versatile and dynamic gaming experience full of fun colors for an enjoyable high. There’s no score and no winning or losing—just a fun time.

There are two modes: High Mode and Really High Mode. High Mode is for when you’re just a little lit and want an exciting challenge. Players try to locate a single colored panel from the ball’s 12 individually LED-lit panels before time runs out. Just follow the colors! As the game goes on, players will have to navigate more subtle shades of zones over seven rounds. In Really High Mode, players will encounter four Really High visual and auditory experiences. There are 256 distinct colors and a built-in speaker that plays four original music tracks. The battery lasts up to three hours of continuous use and charges with a micro USB. The ball is 5” diameter, which fits perfectly in your hands. When not in use, the ball also looks great on its stand, kind of like a techno disco ball—great as party decor too! Learn More



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