Hiker Survival Kit Includes Paracord Firestarter Laces And More

Hiker Survival Kit

This hiker survival kit features a pair of paracord survival boot laces with dual fire starters. The kit also includes a paracord key fob with a compass, carabiner, and whistle. This is an ideal way to add some live-saving tools to your normal hiking setup.

These paracord survival laces are ideal for any camping/hiking situation in which you’ll be wearing boots. They come with (4x) Ferro rod flint fire starters and (2x) serrated edge fire scrappers. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation then all you need to do is use these items to get a blaze going. The rest of the kit includes a 7 Strand Parachute Cord keychain, compass, and survival tips. Buy Now

Hiker Survival Kit

Hiker Survival Kit

The Details:

  • Hiker survival kit with paracord boot laces and fire starter kit
  • Ideal for any hiking/camping situation where you’ll be wearing boots outdoors
  • A perfect gift to yourself or anyone else who loves the great outdoors

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