Immerse Yourself in the History of Motorsport

For any motorsport enthusiasts, “The History of Motorsport: From The Beginnings Until Today” by Jorg Walz makes a great coffee table book. The book is easy to flip through and is packed with loads of information as well as fantastic imagery. It would be a great book to read before watching “The Grand Tour.” With many visuals from old ads to stunning photographs from the greatest series and races, this 256-page book will immerse you in 120 years of motor racing history. Through the pages, you’ll learn from stories, triumphs, tragedies, innovations, progress and more.

Walz starts at the beginning in 1894 at the Paris-Rouen and works up through the years in chronological order, focusing on outstanding, history-making moments of that period. The collection of cars highlighted in this book is balanced and thoughtful. Walz covers an extensive range of cars, including Michael Schumacher’s “red goddess,” the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel, and its Formula 1 forefathers from Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lotus and Brabham, the likes of the Lancia Stratos and Delta Integrale, Audi Sport Quattro, Citroën WRC and the VW Race Touareg for the Dakar rally. The comprehensive book also gives you plenty of racing results, statistics and other data to delve into. Buy Here

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