Road Trip in Comfort With the Hitch Hotel

Your next outdoor adventure calls for an upgrade. Introducing the Hitch Hotel, an expandable wheel-less trailer set to make a splash in the RV world! The trailer is supported by your vehicle’s trailer hitch, requiring no wheels at all. Fit the trailer into any vehicle with a Class 3 trailer hitch. Built on a T6 Aluminum frame, the Hitch Hotel is light and durable. The shell is hand laid with light weight fiberglass and is protected from UV lights. The trailer only weighs 240 lbs and can hold 100 lbs of cargo or more depending on your car’s hitch class.

The Hitch Hotel provides over 60 cubic feet of secured, watertight space when closed. In its closed position, it’s basically a storage locker. Store bikes, coolers, luggage, emergency supplies, sporting goods and more. When expanded, the trailer becomes a RV with over 135 cubic feet that can sleep 2-3 people. The space is larger than a queen-sized bed and offers plenty of head space so you can sit up.

The Hitch Hotel is easy to set up and there’s no heavy lifting. It’s completely self supportive and has internal legs that drop into place. Save money and forget the hassle of reservations. Wherever you’re going, the Hitch Hotel is ready for you! It’s the anywhere hotel room. You can even personalize your trailer with custom paint and decal upgrades. Learn More


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