Homesick Candles Bring Out All The Nostalgic Smells Of Your Home State

homesick candles

Homesick Candles are a unique product built to invoke all of the nostalgic smells from each individual state and region in America.

Did you grow up in Upstate New York and can smell the mossy Adirondack Mountains when you close your eyes? There’s a state-specific candle from Homesick Candles for that. Born and raised in SoCal and long for the days of a sea-scented breeze? Homesick Candles makes a Southern California scented-candle with perfumes of cactus, orange, and the ocean. Choose From Every State’s Candle Here

These nostalgic candles draw on the regionals scents that conjure up powerful images of ‘home’ in ways that transplants will never comprehend. They are all hand-poured candles with expected burn times of between 60-80 hours.

homesick candles

homesick candles

Every state in America has its own ‘Homesick Candle’, and some states have more than one. California’s broken out into NorCal and SoCal. Why? Because everyone knows California’s regions are as different as night and day.

These candles make perfect gifts for friends living in new cities or homesick Valentines. They are the perfect reminder of ‘home’.

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