This Honda CB650 1981 Scrambler Looks Like It Fell Out Of ‘Mad Max’

There aren’t many things cooler than a custom motorcycle. Unfortunately, people can tend to get a little snobby with their bikes. Many prefer that they come from an established maker like Harley-Davidson or that they are in pristine factory condition.

However, there’s no denying the unique charm and sharp looks of a custom-built (or refurbished) bike. In the case of this Honda CB650 Scrambler from 1981, that’s especially true. With the nickname Balfour, it emerges from Indonesia’s annual Kustomfest event. A team from Thrive Motorcycle is behind the project and has hit it out of the park with this one.

The bike’s exposed workings make it look like something straight out of “Mad Max.” Okay, sure, it’s a little too nice for that. You know what we meant, though.

From The Ground Up

This Scrambler wasn’t in great shape when the team reworking it got their hands on it. In fact, almost every single joint on the frame had to be redone. While they had the entire thing taken apart, the team also trimmed a small portion of the rear end off to give it a stauncher profile.

From there, they created an all-new gas tank and rearranged a lot of the bike’s parts. In all honesty, it would be a little hard to say that this bike didn’t come straight out of the Honda catalog. That’s how good the rework looks. With close attention to detail and precise craftsmanship at every angle, this 1981 Scrambler looks more like a piece of modern art than a four-decade-old motorcycle.

Take Notice, Honda

While this bike itself is one of a kind, perhaps Honda should actually consider putting something like this into its lineup. The Scrambler’s exposed yet pleasing style would certainly appeal to plenty of riders.

The Balfour is a bike that we’ll be thinking of for a long time. We won’t blame you if you do too. Learn More


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