Hoodies: They’re Not Just for Casual Wear

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Hoodies are quite the dependable piece of garment and have been for some time, even dating back to the Middle Ages where they were simply capes or robes that also covered the head. As uncomplicated as they may seem, they come in many forms and styles, way beyond a natural addition to a classic sweatshirt. In fact, with a little bit of work, you can wear hoodies on many occasions and look good in it, too.

Sure, it probably won’t be your first item to consider for a fancy dinner party or a job interview as some circumstances are more appropriate for this particular fashion choice. After all, you don’t always eat dinner by the TV with your best suit on. However, hanging out at home, exercising outside on a cold day, spending some time with friends, and a casual night out are all considered appropriate situations for wearing a comfy hoodie.

Another interesting situation worthy of a hoodie is going to the casino. In fact, many professionals across a variety of sports do just that. Alongside sunglasses and giant headphones, this is the typical way that the pros like Chris Moneymaker disguise themselves. For those who don’t know, Moneymaker a guy who came from nowhere and won the most prestigious title (WSOP bracelet). So, covering your head with a long hood could even be a successful charm, too.

The good old hoodies don’t have to be perceived as something less than or not elegant enough. You don’t always need to turn to uptight uniforms or flashy clothes to match your financial or social status. Mark Zuckerberg clearly doesn’t complain about a lack of fame or money and he usually prefers simpler sportswear; namely, hoodies are a staple element in his style.

There are also many ways to both dress the hoodies up or down. Men, for example, can find dress comfortably in a casual street look just by putting on a colorful or logo hoodie, khaki pants, and white trainers. A more sophisticated casual look, however, would be to pair the hoodie with a light denim jacket or a trench coat. And dressing up can be attained almost effortlessly by layering up with darker color biker jackets paired with black or dark blue skinny jeans.

Women also get in on the hoodie action. The most obvious is an off-duty or streetwear style by layering the hoodie under outerwear and adding some flats or sneakers. For a dress-up night out, the hoodie can work as the top or bottom layer, for example under a leather jacket and over a slip dress. Even the workplace dress code, as long as it’s not too strict or conservative, could use a stylish hoodie paired with polished, structured pieces such as blazers or menswear-like trousers.

So here you have it, various ways to both dress up and dress down your hoodie. You now have living proof that hoodies are one of the most versatile garments in your wardrobe. Hopefully, this will spark your creativity and inspire many ideas of your own.

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