This Man’s Collection Of Hot Wheels Toy Cars Is Worth An Estimated $1 Million

Hot Wheels Collector's Edition

Bruce Pascal is an extreme collector, and his collection of choice is rare and valuable Hot Wheels toy cars. Most people don’t think about Hot Wheels toy cars in their everyday life but for Bruce Pascal, a commercial real estate agent on the East Coast, Hot Wheels are his life. It’s his hobby, his obsession, his everything. And it’s a collection which has proven to be very lucrative for Bruce Pascal with one of his Hot Wheels model cars worth $150,000 alone.

According to a recent feature in Barcroft TV, the total collection features 3500 toy cars with 175 of those being unique Hot Wheels prototypes which never made it to the market, and thus are very rare. Chief amongst his collection is the extremely rare bright pink VW Beach Bomb Rear-Loader, a Hot Wheels toy with an estimated value of $150,000.

Personally, I cannot fathom spending $150,000 on anything other than a boat, car, or a down payment on a house but I’m not the type of person who has $150K laying around to spend on hobbies and toys. Maybe if I had many millions of dollars in the bank I would feel differently, and perhaps I’d see the value in amassing a collection of toys worth $1 million aside from the actual monetary value. As it stands though, I think I’d take a $1M car collection over toy cars any day of the week.


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