Things You Should Know — Chris Pratt Teaches You How To Fillet A Fish

how to fillet a fish

Cleaning the scales off a fish and filleting it for a dinner is a skill most fishermen take for granted. At some point, every fisherman is taught how to fillet a fish.

Preparing a fish by descaling and filleting it isn’t complicated. There are differences across species of fish, sure. However, for the most part, the anatomy of fish doesn’t change too drastically. Once you learn how to fillet one fish you are fairly well-equipped in knowing how to prepare every fish.

Hollywood mega star Chris Pratt put together this tutorial on how to clean a fish because it’s a skill everyone should have. When he’s not starring in films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt loves to go fishing. He combined his love of fishing and eating fish and put his knowledge to good use for this tutorial.

how to fillet a fish

Chris Pratt did a masterful job at teaching us all how to fillet a fish. So, now that we’ve all learned what goes into filleting fish I think we can move on to the topic of which fishing equipment to use. This is something near and dear to my heart. Fishing gear is a topic I’ve written about extensively here at The Daily Want.

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