The Howard Miller Hourglass Clock Makes the Ultimate Statement

Not only have smartphones taken over our lives, but they’ve also taken over the modern home. Modern tech has replaced many items that were once household staples, like a calendar or clock. That’s all packed neatly in your phone now, along with your wallet, camera, shopping lists, scheduler, Sunday news, and everything in between. While nostalgia’s always around, it’s in full swing nowadays with reboots of retro devices like Polaroid cameras, record players, and gaming systems like the SNES. If you’re one for the good old days and want to add some classic furniture to your home, there’s nothing more classic than a grandfather clock, especially one from Howard Miller.

A legacy in clockmaking

The Howard Miller Clock Company was founded in 1926 by Howard C. Miller, providing clocks to complement homes for more than 70 years. Miller learned the fine art of clockmaking from his father in the Black Forest region of Germany. His innovative creativity led his company to great successes, recognition, and accolades. His trend-setting avant garde clocks stand in collectors’ galleries today. And Miller wasn’t just working with clocks either. He has worked with Ford Motor Co. to produce anti-aircraft covers in World War II as well.

The company originally focused on chiming wall and mantel clocks, but grew their offerings to the likes of modern wall and table clocks starting in 1947. They started producing grandfather clocks in the 1960s, earning the company the title of “World’s Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer.” and curio cabinets in 1989. Today, Howard Miller offers portable alarm clocks, desk sets, wall clocks, mantel clocks, collectors cabinets, and limited edition grandfather clocks. The company has ventured to other home furnishings endeavors as well, marketing and selling wine and bar furnishings in 2004 and launching a line of home storage solutions in 2008.

Steampunk-inspired, versatile design

If you think a grandfather clock’s old, think even further back. The Howard Miller Iron Works 615-074 combines two classic ways of telling time: the hourglass and the grandfather clock. The merger of both resulted in an amazing, one-of-a-kind floor clock that will make a statement in any room. The Hourglass Clock is quartz and battery driven, requiring one D-sized and two C-sized batteries. The floor clock has heavily Steampunk-inspired design elements that make it truly unique. The metal frame has an aged iron finish, which adds to the Steampunk look. The clock’s large dial is covered by a convex glass crystal and features embossed gears finished with aged sandstone and aged iron hands. The heavy distressed, weathered driftwood-finished base has metal X accenting the front and back. There are four adjustable floor levelers to provide stability on uneven or carpeted surfaces.

A 24.5” rotating hourglass sand timer is the featured focal point in the middle of the case, rotating approximately every hour. It can also be rotated and positioned by hand. The clock has a triple-chime Harmonic movement that plays either Westminster or Ave Maria every quarter-hour or Westminster or Bim-Bam chimes on the hour. You can control the clock’s volume and also activate automatic nighttime chime shut off. The Hourglass Clock will run you $2,250.50 for a piece of timeless decor. Learn More







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