Hudway Glass Keeps Your Eyes on the Road

If you’re a driver who uses your phone for navigation and don’t have a phone mount, you’re doing it all wrong. Obviously, it’s a huge safety issue to be looking away from the road to pick up your phone or blindly pat your cup holders or passenger seat looking for it. Phone mounts are great solutions to keep your eyes on the road and your navigation on your dash. The concept of a head-up display, or HUD, isn’t new. Not at all. It originated in WWII fighter planes and has made its way into modern cars. Actually, many models currently feature HUD, such as the Volvo S90, Acura 2019 RDX, Toyota Prius, Chevy Camaro, and more. If your car is less up with the times and you’re not about to drop all your change on one with HUD, you can still utilize this useful tech thanks to Hudway.

An affordable HUD for any car

Hudway Glass is a $49 tech accessory that can be paired with your phone to create a HUD for your car. It’s compatible with regular and Plus models of many modern phones, like the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9. Phablets and tablets won’t work with the Glass. The Glass system includes a cradle base, compact mount, adjustable mount, wiping pouch, and dash sanitizer. Both mounts have a jelly glue adhesive layer that sticks well to smooth surfaces, like wood, plastic, or leather. The glue will firmly hold the cradle base and removing the mounts won’t leave any residue. The adhesives are reusable to a point. As long as the surface is wiped clean and the mounts were stored well, it should be fine to reuse a few times.

Glass works best on cloudy days or in low visibility conditions since your phone is creating the reflection on the mirroring lens. On sunny days, it may not be bright enough to be legible on the display. It’s easy to set up and start using Hudway Glass. Just set the phone on the base, flip up the display, and enable HUD mode on Hudway’s apps. Voila!

HUD apps to transform your driving experience

There are several apps Hudway recommends that work best with Glass, all available for both iOS and Android. The Hudway Go app is for navigation and is similar to Waze or Google Maps. The big difference here is the arrow and information that guides you. A large green arrow will show you where to turn and the app will list the distance until your next turn. You’ll see a dashed green arrow when approaching a major turn. The app also has a driver points system that keeps track of your drive so you can see your driving habits over time.

The HUD Widgets app features a set of popular and handy widgets, like speedometers, trip info, weather, and eco-driving score. For those off-road adventurers, there’s a widget named landmeter that measures the incline you drive at. All widgets work in regular or HUD mode.

Hudway also recommends Navmii, which offers offline maps for worldwide navigation and information visualization. Sygic is another navigation app that has global offline maps supporting HUD mode. Buy Here



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