This Hugo Boss Chronograph Watch Will Make Your Wrist More Classy

hugo boss chronograph watch

When it comes to metal watches that can be dressed up or dressed down, vintage gold is just what the stylist ordered. And this Hugo Boss chronograph watch not only has the vintage gold figured out, but it also has a mesh metal bracelet, which gives the watch a less clunky feel than traditional link watches.

Called the Companion Chronograph Mesh Bracelet Watch, this Hugo Boss timepiece is more than just a good-looking accessory. It is also a versatile chronograph watch with a trio of easy-to-read subeyes at the deep black dial. The price point is just under $400, and as is with most products from Hugo Boss, this watch is worth every penny. Buy Here

hugo boss chronograph watch

If you love the look of this watch, but vintage gold isn’t your flavor of choice, no problem. Hugo Boss has several other options to choose from in their men’s watch collection. Check them out here.

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