The Hults Bruk Hatchet Is The Perfect All-Purpose Hatchet

When it comes to choosing a pocket knife, you’re probably pretty sure about what you’re buying. On the other hand, you probably don’t have quite as much experience shopping for hatchets. Even without knowing it, a hatchet can be a great tool for chopping, cutting, and even secondary home defense. Plus, it is a great addition to any survival bag.

The Huckberry Hatchet is born by hand in a Swedish forge by master blacksmiths. Now, that might be enough to convince you that it’s the hatchet for you. If so, then what are you waiting for? If not, then keep reading, there’s plenty more to love.

Oh, a side note on the handmade Swedish blacksmithing. They’ve been making these hatchets since 1697. That’s over 300 years of experience. Sorry, we just really love that aspect of it. However, you’ll also love the materials that make up this tool. The head itself is Swedish steel while the handle is solid American Hickory wood. The blade is both incredibly sharp and incredibly durable thanks to the master craftsmen behind it. It weighs in at 1.25lbs, so its perfect for all-purpose jobs whether they are around the campsite or around the backyard.

An ergonomic, curved handle keeps the hatchet well-balanced and fits great in your hand. Your hatchet also includes a custom leather sheath that just happens to be decorated with Swedish designs. Sorry, we can’t let it go. It’s made by master blacksmiths in a country known for its work in smithery! It doesn’t get better than this. Buy Here

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