Human Headphones: Headphones of The Future

The headphones market is a pretty simple one. In one category you have the earbuds. Small, light, relatively cheap, a decent sound but very practical. Then you have the over-the-ear headphones. Better sound, but more expensive, not easy to travel with, and a little too bulky. There isn’t really a gray area between these markets. That is, not until now at least. These two different categories are coming together to create a listening experience that pulls in the best of both worlds. This is thanks to Human Headphones, and these look like the headphones of the future.

All Your Favorite Features With No Drawbacks

Blending two types of products like this together can be risky. Obviously the best outcome is to have the best features of each side with no compromise. However, you could also end with the drawbacks from each side and none of the benefits. I feel very confident in saying these headphones have nailed this blurring of the lines. When it comes to sound they have everything you could ask for. The earpiece is still a large over-the-ear fitting pad.

This means the sound cancellation is high, and it packs a powerful and high-quality sound. Somehow they managed to keep them portable and light. They did this by removing all the extra bits like wires, cables, and more importantly, the headband. These two earpieces work through BlueTooth and can run for up to 9 hours on a single charge. They also can be controlled by touch or your voice. All this and it comes with chargers, a carrying case, pads, and more. What else could you ask for?

The Human Headphones have combined the best features of light and portable earbuds with high-quality headphones. Whether you just need music to play during your workouts or are a hardcore audiophile looking for the next piece of tech in the audio world, these headphones will suit all your needs and more. Buy Here



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