Become Inspired in HST’s Writing Cabin

Inspiration often leads to great art. Whether you’re a painter, musician, or writer, oftentimes the right location can lead to truly inspired creations. Through the cabin Hunter S. Thompson spent much of his writing career in, there is no shortage of this inspiration. The Gonzo Store is offering overnight stays in this cozy cabin that once housed an American literary icon.

Peak Season at The HST Cabin

Hunter Thompson, writer of ‘Hells Angels’, and founder of the Gonzo journalism movement. This cabin once served as the home in which Thompson’s creativity was born; it’s easy to see why. This comfy home is nestled into a beautiful landscape. It’s got an incredible view of the Hunter’s Red Cliff Owl Farm Canyon and the Woody Creek wildlife visits. This place which has been the birthplace of so many of Thompsons works is now available for overnight stays to the public.

It’s got all the accommodations you’d want: master and guest bedrooms, blackout shades, a 55 inch TV, and even a couple of skylights. However, the real reason to chose to stay here is because of the cabins rich history. Typically because of this history, the price is over 60% more than the other cabins- but for a special seasonal fundraiser, the price is down $200. These imagination-filled walls could now be home to your next artistic creation through the Gonzo group.

It’s not unusual to see creative-minded people seeking refuge in log cabins surrounded by nature. The inspiration runs deep, and with a gorgeous view of some of the most breathtaking views in the area, this home is truly something special. There is no doubt that this compound has successfully fueled the works of Hunter S. Thompson, so I’m sure it could do the same for you. So take a weekend off, hell, even bring the dog along, and enjoy the natural beauty and escape this cabin has to offer. Learn More




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