The HYT H5 Combines Science and Design in a $55k Watch

When it comes to luxury watches, you’ve probably heard of Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe. HYT is a relatively new watchmaking company, but has made strides in innovative technology in their pieces. Launched in 2012, the Switzerland-based company is the only one in the industry to display time with fluids. HYT introduced its first hybrid timepiece, the H1, during BaselWorld 2012, the annual trade show for the international watch and jewelry industry. They won three awards in the same year, including Best Innovative Watch 2012 at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève and Best Concept Watch of the Year at SIAR in Mexico and Watch World Award in India.

A watch movement like no other

Their new H5 collection is limited to 25 pieces. The H5 has been in development for over three years and the updated collection was developed with master watchmaker Eric Coudray. HYT watches use a patented micro-fluidic module to tell time, a round glass capillary filled with two liquids, one transparent and one colored. One is water based and the other is oil based. The liquids are squeezed around the round tubing, where the end of the colored liquid falls into the current time. It’s a complicated technique, which makes HYT watches truly stand out from others in the industry. The fluidity of the watch’s motion was inspired by erosion, like pebbles on the shore smoothed from constant waves. 

New innovations

The H5 continues to use HYT’s micro-fluidic module, but with some new updates. The new Neoralite hour ring with 9c Super-LumiNova is one of the features taking the H5 to the next level. The three-dimensional sapphire crystal lets time be read in multiple positions. The H5 is hand-wound and all mechanical. As the watch is wound up, an interconnected cam gets a steady supply of energy. When the cam loses that energy, it returns to its original position by going back 13 different positions. As it moves back, it applies pressure to the bellows, which power the movement of the liquids. The entire process of this impressive movement can be seen in the exposed crystal display back. 

The H5 sits at 48.9mm with a 20.08mm case width. It is skeletonized, showing the exposed bellows and small seconds in the center. The H5 packs a 65-hour power reserve and is good up to 50 meters in water. It comes in two editions, a black liquid version with a black rubber strap and a green liquid version with a grey rubber strap. At $55k per piece, this limited edition watch is definitely an investment.