Icon BR Bronco Is A Custom Classic

The Ford Bronco is a classic. Unfortunately, Ford discontinued the line of powerful, off-road, SUV-like vehicles. If you are a fan like we are, fear not. In just a few short years you can get your hands on the all-new 2020 Ford Bronco. Yes, that’s right, Ford is bringing back one of its legends and we can’t wait. So, if you can’t wait either, get your hands on one of these tricked out rebuilt Broncos from Icon 4×4. That’s right, no more waiting.

Icon is an LA based company who hand-make and refurbish cars while upgrading them at the same time. This means that no two of their cars are exactly alike so you get an awesome, one-of-a-kind ride.

The Icon BR Bronco is no different. It starts with a vintage Ford Bronco body which is restored and painted in a glossy or matte finish in nearly any color of your choice. Other than the body and look, nearly everything else is custom built.

You get your choice of three unique wheels, including a forged aluminum one and one reminiscent of the original steel Bronco wheel. An optional winch system can be included as well as an array of LED lighting options. Inside, the wide center console pulls triple duty as a certified gun safe, a cushiony armrest, and a classic center console. You can opt in with power windows and locks or go old school with manuals. Finally, the inside is a cool carbon fiber design on the seats and walls. Learn More

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