The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Is the Perfect Partner to Tackle Repairs With

Let’s face it: we’re addicted to tech. Now that’s not a bombshell statement in any way. For many of us, our lives are in our phones, but it’s more than just that. We’re hooked on our smartwatches, tablets, video game consoles, computers, and all that tech goodness. And we all know how much it sucks when one of those breaks. There’s the mad scramble to find someone to fix it and what seems to be too many days of waiting. It’s tough to be without your phone or laptop for that long and it’s even worse for others who need to use them for work. Having the tools and learning how to fix something yourself will teach you new skills and can even grow into a side hustle. Best yet, you can DIY whenever something breaks instead of waiting around.

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit was developed over five years ago with research from thousands of repair manuals for all the right tools. The company got its start when the iFixit CEO broke his laptop and couldn’t find a repair manual to fix it. He and his roommate posted their own instructions online and the rest is history. Today, they help over 10 million people a month repair almost anything from laptops and phones to skateboards and vacuums. 

Pro-quality tools to repair almost anything

This handy kit has everything you need to make repairs on your own. All tools are designed and manufactured by iFixit and are of the highest quality materials and methods. They were selected to be the tools you need, not ones you don’t. The tools are quality-tested and guaranteed with iFixit’s Lifetime Warranty, so they can be replaced if anything happens to them. The kit includes the 64 bit driver kit, which is the most comprehensive CNC machined bit set. It also includes an anti-static wrist strap, three tweezer types, a jimmy, magnetic pad, and more. The tools come in a sturdy black polyester canvas roll case, giving the kit a very professional look and feel. iFixit also offers over 60,000 repair guides so you always know what you’re doing. Buy Here

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