IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Changes Water Color Based On Temperature


IllumiSink is the latest brainchild from the makers of the incredibly successful Illumibowl. The IllumiSink is a light-up faucet which changes color based on water temperature. If the water is hot it turns red. When the water is cold the faucet puts out blue light. If the water is the perfect temperature it will project a soft green light. This is not only a unique household item, it’s also a useful tool when cooking.

Making a midnight trip to the bathroom for a drink of water? Don’t wake yourself up with the bathroom lights, just trust IllumiSink! This light-up sink attachment turns your sink and the water coming out into a multi-color light. It changes based on temperature so you don’t accidentally fill your cup up with hot water. For those late nights when you’ve got a sore throat, this faucet is here to make you feel better. Buy Now


The Details:

  • Turns red for hot, blue for cold, & green for just right
  • Generates its own power from running water
  • Attaches simply by popping off your current sink head & sticking on IllumiSink

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